Reginald Hooley Smith


  • NHL: 1924-41; 17 seasons, 10 quality[1. By modern PPG standards]
  • 200G (10th All Time at his retirement), 225A (2nd) for 425P (4th) in 715 games (1st[2. Smith was the career leader in games played from the 1939-40 season to the 1942-43 season]); 65.3 PS (12th)
  • At his retirement, Smith was 12th All Time in GPG, 8th in APG and 11th in PPG[3. Minimum 500 games]
  • At his retirement, Smith was 7th All Time in Offensive Point Shares
  • Era: Smith is 4th in Goals, GPG, PPG and PS, 1st in Assists, APG and Games, 3rd in Points and OPS[4. Of the 5 players to play in at least 600 games between 1924 and 1941]
  • 82-game average: 23G, 25A for 48P
  • 3-year peak (1931-34): 48-game average of 17G, 26A for 43P
  • Playoffs: 11G, 8A for 19P in 54 games
  • Adjusted: 358G, 716A for 1074P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 41G, 82A for 123P
  • If the qualifier is set to 300 games, Smith is 18th All Time in Adjusted PPG[5. If the qualifier is raised to 500 games, he is 9th All Time]
  • Traded thrice in his prime.


  • Top 5 in Hart voting twice (’26, ’36)
  • Top 5 Offensive Player[6. By Offensive Point Shares] once (’36), Top 10 thrice (’33, ’34)
  • Scored 20 goals twice
  • Top 5 in Goals once, Top 10 four times
  • Top 5 in GPG once, Top 10 thrice
  • Top 5 in Assists thrice, Top 10 seven times
  • Top 5 in APG twice, Top 10 five times
  • Top 5 in Points twice, Top 10 six times
  • Top 5 in PPG thrice, Top 10 six times
  • 1st Team All Star once, 2nd Team once.

Great Teams

  • Best Skater[7. By points] on one Final Four (’32 Maroons), Top 3 Forward[8. By points] on one Runner Up (’28 Maroons) and one Final Four (’30 Maroons), Top 6 Forward[9. By points] on one Champion (’27 Senators) and one Final Four (’34 Maroons), Captain[10. No points] on one Champion (’35 Maroons), Top 9 Forward[11. By points] on two Final Fours (’36 Maroons, ’38 Americans)
  • Best Skater[12. By points] on one Olympic Champion (’24 Canada – Granites)
  • Best Skater?[13. By points] on one Allan Cup Champion (’23 Granites)


Hooley Smith is another one of these players who had a good but not great NHL career, but has an important role in the game, being the career leader in games played when he retired. He belongs, but for longevity reasons, not greatness reasons.[14. Though he was a great senior player, scoring an unbelievable 33 points at the Olympics in 1924.]

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