Does Grant Fuhr Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Does Grant Fuhr belong in the Hall of Fame?

Sure, he has Cups and a Vezina. And he has the record for most goalie games played in a single season.

But he also has extremely mediocre stats compared to his contemporaries, most of whom are not in the Hall of Fame like he is.

Then, there’s this other thing: he’s arguably the first ever African Canadian (or African American) hockey star in history. A true trail-blazer.

So does he belong?

Listen to us debate his case here:

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Wilfred Shorty Green

Shorty Green is in the Hall of Fame for a very specific thing, for being one of the leaders of the first ever NHL players strike.

But he’s in the Hall as a player, so how does his career stack up?

In this episode we discuss his actual hockey career. (And, to be clear, we strongly believe he belongs in the Hall of Fame for what he did off the ice.)

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