Reevaluating the Hart Part 6: The Dead Puck Era

In Part 6 of our Hart Trophy series, we examine the Hart Trophies awarded between the strikes of 1995 and 2004, much of which is colloquially known as “The Dead Puck Era” due to the low scoring of the late ’90s and early ’00s

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Before the Hart: Who Should Have Been MVP?

If the Hart had existed throughout the entirety of the NHL, these guys should have won in the years it didn’t actually exist:

  1. Newsy Lalonde: 2 Harts
  2. Joe Malone, Punch Broadbent, Georges Boucher: 1 Hart each
  3. 1 year where we have no fucking clue who deserved it

Here are the details:

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Reevaluating the Hart Trophy Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to our series on the NHL’s Hart Trophy, its MVP award.

The MVP trophy is the most important trophy for any league; for better or worse it is how we determine who was the “best” player and, when we look at league history, it’s one way we use to judge players against each other, and, ultimately, it’s part of how we decide whether or not someone belongs in the greatness canon (whether that is the Hall of Fame or something else).

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