Harry Hyland


  • NHL: 1917-18; 1 quality season
  • 14G, 2A for 16P in 17 games; 1.6 PS (17th All Time)
  • At his retirement Hyland was 9th All Time in Goals, 21st in Assists, 15th in Points and 22nd in Games Played
  • At his retirement, Hyland was 9th All Time in GPG 21st in APG and 12th in PPG
  • No NHL playoffs
  • Adjusted: 17G, 10A for 27P
  • Traded/claimed when Wanderers folded.


  • Top 10 in Goals once
  • Top 10 in GPG once

Great Teams

  • Top 3 Forward[1. By points] on one NHA Stanley Cup Champion (’10 Wanderers)
  • Best Player[2. By points] on one PCHA Champion (’12 Royals)[3. Hyland’s team was not allowed to compete for the Stanley Cup because the PCHA season ended too late in the year to continue playing ice hockey.]


Hyland was one of the best players on the Montreal Wanderers, a team that was briefly the best in the NHA and then among the best about half the time the league existed. But I’m not sure that’s enough, frankly.

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