Does Vincent Damphousse Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

By offensive numbers alone, it sure looks like there’s no much of a case for Vincent Damphousse to be included in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

However, some of us remember him as being particularly reliable defensively.

Was he? Did he do enough on that end? Have we forgotten how good he was because he never won the Selke, or are we mis-remembering?

Listen here:

Defensively Responsible Forwards Part 2: Vincent Damphousse, Mike Modano, Dick Irvin

Vincent Damphousse’s Career:

Vincent Damphousse’s Accomplishments:

  • Top 5 in Selke voting once
  • Goals:
    • 40 goals once,
    • 35 goals three times,
    • 30 goals four times,
    • 25 goals seven times,
    • 20 goals eleven times
  • Assists:
    • Leader-boards:
      • Top 10 in APG once
    • Single-season totals:
      • 60 assists once,
      • 50 assists six times,
      • 40 assists ten times
  • Points:
    • 90 points four times,
    • 80 points six times,
    • 70 points eight times,
    • 60 points ten times,
    • 50 points twelve times
  • All Star:
    • 3 All Star Game appearances
  • VsX Peak:
    • Best 7 Seasons:
      • Goals: 239th All Time
      • Assists: 123rd All Time
      • Points: 153rd All Time
    • Best 10 Seasons:
      • Goals: 196th All Time
      • Assists: 95th All Time
      • Points: 117th All Time

Vincent Damphousse’s Great Teams:

  • NHL:
    • Best Skater on one Champion (‘93 Canadiens),
    • Top 3 Forward on one Final Four (‘04 Sharks),
    • Top 3 Forward (by points) on one Final Four (‘92 Oilers)
  • Canada/World Cup:
    • Top 9? Forward (by points) on one World Cup Runner Up (‘96 Canada)

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