Does Harold Punch Broadbent Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

According to some, Punch Broadbent was the original power forward, the first (NHL?) hockey player to combine skill and physicality in a dominant way.

If that’s true, then even without going through is stats he likely has a pretty good case for the Hockey Hall of Fame. But we’ll look at his career anyway.

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Broadbent’s stats

Punch Broadbent’s Career

  • NHL: 1918-29; 11 seasons, 7 quality
  • Totals:
    • 121G (9th All Time at his retirement),
    • 51A (8th) for
    • 172P (9th) in
    • 303 Games (5th – Broadbent co-held the NHL career Games Played record multiple times during his career);
    • 25.3 PS (23rd)
  • Era: Of the 5 players to play at least 300 games between 1918 and 1929, Broadbent is
    • 4th All Time in GPG,
    • 5th in APG
    • 4th in PPG
  • 82-game average: 33G, 14A for 47P
  • 3-year peak (1919-22): 24-game average of 21G, 8A for 29P
  • Playoffs: 4G, 6A for 10P in 23 games
  • Adjusted:
    • Hockey-Reference:
    • 188G, 273A for 461P
    • Adjusted 82-game average: 51G, 74A for 125P
    • Broadbent doesn’t meet the requirements for the per game boards but if the requirement is set to 300 games, Broadbent is 17th All Time in Adjusted PPG
    • VsX: Broadbent doesn’t qualify
  • Trades:
    • Traded three times, twice for cash and once with cash for Hooley Smith
    • Transferred multiple times in the same season because he refused to play for Hamilton and Montreal.
  • NHA:
    • 1912-15; 3 seasons, all quality
    • Totals:
      • 50G (19th All Time, at best),
      • 10A (possibly 20th All Time) for
      • 60P (19th All Time at best) in
      • 57 games (as high as 18th All Time, but not likely)
    • If the qualifier is set to 40 games (2 seasons), Broadbent is probably 14th All Time in GPG and PPG
    • 20-game average: 18G, 4A for 21P
    • Playoffs: 3G for 3P in 5 games
    • Left the NHA for WWI.

Punch Broadbent’s Accomplishments

  • Back Check MVP (’22)
  • Back Check Best Player (‘220
  • Best Player (by PS) and Best Offensive Player (by OPS) once (’22)
  • Goals:
    • Scored 30 goals once (1 of only 2 players to do so at his retirement)
    • Led the league in Goals once, Top 10 three times
    • Led the league in GPG once, Top 10 three times
  • Assists:
    • Top 5 in Assists once
    • Top 5 in APG once
  • Points:
    • Led the league in Points once, Top 10 twice
    • Led the league in PPG once, Top 10 twice.
  • NHA:
    • Goals:
      • Top 10 in Goals twice [barely half the league leader]
      • Probably Top 10 in GPG twice [barely half the league leader]
    • Assists:
      • Top 10 in Assists once
      • Hard to know if he was Top 10 in APG even once
    • Points:
      • Top 10 in Points twice [barely half the league leader]
      • Top 10 in PPG twice [barely half the league leader]

Punch Broadbent’s Great Teams

  • NHL:
    • Top 3 Forward (by points) on one NHL Stanley Cup Champion (’21 Senators),
    • Top 3 Forward? (scored 0 points in the NHL playoffs but over 1 PPG in the Stanley Cup finals, against a non-NHL team) on one NHL Stanley Cup Champion (’23 Senators),
    • Top 3 Forward? (led NHL playoffs in points but managed just 1 point in Stanley Cup finals) on one NHL Stanley Cup Champion (’26 Maroons),
    • Top 3 Forward (by points) on three NHL Runners Up (’19, ’22, ’24 Senators)

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