Does Lynn Patrick Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Lynn Patrick is a member of one of the most important hockey dynasties in the sports’ history. He is the son of Lester Patrick, the nephew of Frank Patrick, and the father of Craig Patrick, Hall of Famers all.

But, he’s one of those players with “one good year.” (Well, it was a great year.) His career is only really impressive in relation to what came before it, not what came after. The Hall waited until he died to induct him.

Listen to us talk about Lynn Patrick’s case for the Hall of Fame here:

Hall of Fame Class of 1980: Lynn Patrick, Harry Lumley, Gump Worsley

Lynn Patrick’s Career:

  • NHL: 1934-43 1945-46; 10 seasons, 8 quality (by modern standards of PPG)
  • Totals:
    • 145G,
    • 191A (t-20th All Time at his retirement) for
    • 336P (t-22nd All Time at his retirement) in
    • 455 Games;
    • 34.5 PS
  • Per Game: Patrick doesn’t qualify for any PG leader-board but if we lower the qualifiers so he does, at his retirement Patrick was
    • T-11th All Time in APG
    • T-16th All Time in PPG
  • Era: Of the 26 skaters to play in at least 328 Games between 1934 and 1943, Patrick is
    • 4th in Goals
    • T-4th in GPG (nobody actually qualifies)
    • 3rd in Assists
    • T-5th in APG (nobody actually qualifies)
    • 4th in Points
    • 5th in PPG (nobody actually qualifies)
    • 4th in Offensive Point Shares
    • 14th (3rd Forward) in Defensive Point Shares
    • 10th in Point Shares
    • 4th in Games
  • 82-game average: 26G, 34A for 61P
  • 3-year peak (1940-43): 48-game average of 25G, 28A for 53P
  • Playoffs:
    • 10G,
    • 6A for 
    • 16P in
    • 44 Games
    • Per Game: Obviously Patrick doesn’t qualify but if we lower the qualifiers so he does at his retirement Patrick still doesn’t qualify
    • Era: Of the 21 skaters to play in at least 41 playoff games, Patrick is
      • 8th in playoff Goals
      • T-6th in playoff GPG (only 1 player actually qualifies)
      • 19th (3rd last) in playoff Assists
      • 19th (3rd last) in playoff APG (nobody actually qualifies)
      • T-14th in playoff Points
      • 13th in playoff PPG (nobody actually qualifies)
      • t-15th in playoff Games
  • Adjusted:
    • Hockey Reference:
      • 210G
      • 324A for
      • 53P
      • Per Game: doesn’t qualify
      • Adjusted 82-game average: 38G, 58A for 96P (+35P per 82 games)
    • VsX: Doesn’t qualify
  • Never traded

Lyn Patrick’s Accomplishments:

  • Top 5 in Hart voting once
  • Probably should have been Back Check MVP (‘42)
  • All Star:
    • 1st Team All Star once
    • 2nd Team All Star once
  • Top Player:
    • Top 10 Player once (‘42)
    • Best Offensive Player (by OPS) once (‘42)
    • Top 10 player three times (‘41, ‘43)
  • Goals:
    • Leader-boards:
      • Led the league in Goals once
      • Top 5 twice
    • GPG leader-boards:
      • Led the league in GPG once
      • Top 10 twice
    • Single-season totals:
      • 30 goals once (1 of only 16 players when he left for WW2)
      • 20 goals three times (1 of only 22 players when he left)
  • Assists:
    • Leader-boards:
      • Top 10 twice
    • APG leader-boards:
      • Top 5 in APG once
      • Top 10 three times
  • Points:
    • Leader-boards:
      • Top 5 in Points three times
    • PPG leader-boards:
      • Led the league in PPG once
      • Top 10 three times
    • Single-season totals:
      • 60 points once (1 of only 9 players ever at his departure)
      • 50 points twice (1 of only 7 players ever at his departure)
  • VsX Peak:
    • Best 7 Seasons:
      • Goals: 136th All Time
      • Assists: doesn’t qualify
      • Points: 110th All Time
    • Best 10 Seasons:
      • Goals: 166th All Time
      • Assists: 162nd All Time
      • Points:149th All Time

Lynn Patrick’s Great Teams:

  • NHL:
    • Best Player (by points) on one Final Four (‘35 Rangers)
    • Top 6 Forward (by points) on one Runner Up (‘37 Rangers) and two Final Fours (‘39, ‘42 Rangers)
    • Top 9 Forward (by points) on one Champion (‘40 Rangers) 

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