Frederick Bun Cook


  • NHL: 1926-37; 11 seasons, 8 quality
  • 158G (13th All Time at his retirement), 144A (10th) for 293P (10th) in 433 games (21st); 51.7 PS (14th)
  • At his retirement, Cook was 16th All Time in GPG, 13th in APG and 17th in PPG[1. Minimum 300 games]
  • At his retirement, Cook was 12th All Time in Offensive Point Shares
  • Era: Cook is 6th in Goals and APG, 7th in GPG, Assists and Points, 8th in PPG and OPS, 11th in PS and 13th in Games[2. Of the 35 players to play in at least 400 games between 1926 and 37]
  • 82-game average: 27G, 25A for 52P
  • 3-year peak (1929-32): 44-game average of 19G, 18A for 37P
  • Playoffs: 15G, 3A for 18P in 46 games
  • Adjusted: 288G, 501A for 789P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 55G, 95A for 149P
  • If the qualifier is set at 82-games, Cook is 25th All Time in Adjusted PPG[3. If the qualifier is set to 300 games, Cook is 12th All Time]
  • Traded into the NHL, traded at the end of his career.


  • Top 5 Offensive Player[4. By Offensive Point Shares] once (’33)
  • Scored 20 goals twice
  • Top 5 in Goals once, Top 10 four times
  • Top 5 in GPG once, Top 10 twice
  • Top 5 in Assists once, Top 10 four times
  • Top 10 in APG twice
  • Top 10 in Points thrice
  • Top 10 in PPG twice
  • 2nd All Star Team once.

Great Teams

  • Top 3 Forward[5. Led the playoffs in Goals] on one Runner Up (’32 Rangers), Top 3 Forward[6. By points] on one Champion (’28 Rangers) and two Final Fours (’27, ’30 Rangers), Top 6 Forward[7. By points] on one Champion (’33 Rangers), one Runner Up (’29 Rangers) and one Final Four (’35 Rangers), Top 9 Forward[8. By points] on one Final Four (’31 Rangers).


Bun Cook does not appear to belong in the Hall of Fame. His brother had a much better career both in the NHL and outside of it. However, there two innovations that Bun reportedly help pioneer that suggest he does belong: the slapshot and the drop-pass. Bun Cook, so the story goes, was instrumental in the development of both. If that’s true, he belongs in the Hall of Fame as an innovator, though he clearly does not belong based on his stats.

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