Dave Trottier


  • NHL: 1928-39; 11 seasons, 6 quality[1. By modern standards of PPG]
  • 121G, 113A for 234P in 446P; 31.2 PS
  • Era: Trottier is 14th in Goals, 13th in GPG, 16th in Assists and APG, 16th in Points, 15th in PPG, 16th in Offensive Point Shares, 19th in Point Shares and 23rd in Games[2. Of the 23 players to play at least 400 games between 1928 and 1939]
  • 82-game average: 22G, 21A for 43P
  • 3-year peak (1931-34): 48-game average of 17G, 17A for 34P
  • Playoffs: 4G, 3A for 7P in 31 games
  • Adjusted: 210G, 303A for 513P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 39G, 56A for 94P
  • Traded twice at the end of his career.


  • Top 10 Player[3. By Point Shares] once (’32)
  • Top 5 Offensive Player[4. By Offensive Point Shares] once (’32)
  • Top 5 in Goals once
  • Top 5 in GPG once
  • Top 10 in Points once
  • Top 10 in PPG once.

Great Teams

  • Top 3 Forward[5. By points] on one Final Four (’30 Maroons), Top 6 Forward[6. By points] on one Champion (’35 Maroons) and two Final Fours (’32, ’37 Maroons), Role Player[7. By points] on two Final Fours (’34, ’36 Maroons)
  • Best Player[8.┬áLeading scorer of the tournament] on one Olympic Champion (’28 Canada)
  • Best Player?[9. By points] on one Allan Cup Champion (’27 Toronto Varsity Grads[10. Seriously, a real team])


Trottier had one great year in the NHL. Otherwise he was just a star amateur player prior to getting signed by the Maroons.

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