Harry Mummery


  • NHL: 1917-23; 6 seasons, 4 quality[1.By Defensive Point Shares]
  • 33G (24th All Time at his retirement), 19A (23rd) for 52P (24th) in 106 games; 10.5 PS (19th)
  • At his retirement, Mummery was 23rd All Time in GPG, APG and PPG[2. Minimum 82 games, 24 qualifying players]
  • At his retirement, Mummery was 8th All Time in Defensive Point Shares and 25th All Time in Offensive Point Shares
  • 82-game average: 25G, 15A for 40P; 8.1 PS
  • 3-year peak (1919-22): 24-game average of 10G, 6A for 15P
  • NHL Playoffs: 1G, 1A for 2P in 2 games
  • Adjusted: 41G, 81A for 122P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 32G, 63A for 94P
  • Dominance Quotient: Never led a team
  • Traded twice in his prime and traded out of the NHL at the end of his career.[3. Also, Mummery was the largest player (by weight) and he holds the record for most games as a Goaltender by a skater]


  • Top 10 Player[4. By Point Shares] once (’21)
  • Top 5 Defensive Player[5. By Defensive Point Shares] twice (’18, ’21), Top 10 thrice (’19)
  • Top 10 Offensive Player[6. By Offensive Point Shares] once (’21)
  • Top 10 in Assists once
  • Top 10 in APG once
  • As a Goalie:
    • Top 10 in Minutes
    • Top 10 in Wins twice
    • Top 10 in Goalie Point Shares once
    • Top 10 in GAA twice[7. Despite only winning 1 game both seasons that he qualifies for these leaderboards]

Great Teams

Best D[8. By points] on one NHL Stanley Cup Champion (’18 Arenas), Top 2? D[9. By points] on one NHA Stanley Cup Runner Up (’17 Canadiens), Cover-Point[10. An archaic position] on one NHA Stanley Cup Champion (’13 Bulldogs)


How is Mummery not in the Hall of Fame? This is a guy who entered the NHL later in his career but still distinguished himself. He also had a distinguished career in the NHA. And, he also has some weird trivia value! What the hell?

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