Harold Darragh


  • NHL: 1925-33; 8 seasons, 1 quality[1. By modern standards of PPG]
  • 68G, 49A for 117P in 308 Games
  • Era: Darragh is 20th in Goals and GPG, 23rd in Assists, Points and PPG, 22nd in APG and OPS, 25th in PS and 26th in Games[2. Of the 33 players to play in at least 300 games between 1925 and 1933]
  • 82-game average: 18G, 13A for 31P
  • 3-year peak (1928-31): 44-game average of 10G, 9A for 19P
  • Playoffs: 1G, 3A for 4P in 16 games
  • Adjusted: 128G, 213A for 341P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 34G, 58A for 91P
  • Traded once and waived once in his prime, traded out of the league.[3. Ended Darragh’s NHL career]


  • Top 10 in Assists once.

Great Teams

  • Top 3 Forward[4. By points] on one Final Four (’26 Pirates), Top 6 Forward[5. By points] on one Final Four (’31 Bruins), Role Player[6. By points] on one Champion (’32 Maple Leafs)


If there is a player that illustrates the flaws with Hockey Reference’s adjusted stats, it’s Darragh.

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