Does Harry Cameron Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Harry Cameron was a dynamic offensive player from the blue line well before that was a common feature of NHL D. Was he one of the greatest D of his era or of all time or is it more likely that the position had yet to be defined properly? Listen to us talk about Harry Cameron:

Here are Cameron’s stats:


  • NHL: 1917-1923; 6 seasons, all quality
  • 88G (8th All Time at his release), 51A (3rd) for 139P (6th) in 128 games (5th); 28.6 PS (1st)
  • When he left the NHL, Cameron was 10th in GPG, 5th in APG and 9th in PPG
  • When he left the NHL, Cameron was 6th All Time in Offensive Point Shares and 5th in Defensive Point Shares
  • 82-game average: 57G, 33A for 89P
  • 3-year peak (1919-22): 24-game average of 17G, 10A for 28P
  • Playoffs: 5G, 4A for 9P in 11 games
  • Adjusted: 117G, 231A for 348P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 75G, 148A for 223P
  • 2nd All Time in Adjusted Points Per Game if the qualifier is set at an absurd 82 games
  • Traded twice and loaned once in his prime, and waived once.
  • NHA:
    • 1912-17; 6 seasons, 5 quality
    • 53G (as high as 16th All Time), 20A (as high as 11th) for 73P (as high as 15th) in 100 games (maybe 10th)
    • When the NHA became the NHL, Cameron might have been 10th All Time in GPG, 5th in APG and 11th in PPG (minimum 82 games played)
    • 24-game average: 13G, 5A for 18P
    • Traded once.
  • WCHL (as a forward):
    • 1923-26; 9 game comeback in 1932-33; 3 seasons, 2 quality (not including comeback)
    • 32G (as high as 19th All Time, but unlikely), 20A (as high as 13th All Time), 52P (as high as 16th) in 96 games
    • Cameron may be as high as 13th All Time in GPG, 10th in APG and 14th in PPG
    • 30-game average:10G, 6A for 16P
    • Never traded.


  • Top 5 Player (by Point Shares) twice (’18, ’22), Top 10 five times (’19, ’20, ’21)
  • Top 5 Offensive Player (by OPS) four times (’18, ’19, ’21, ’22)
  • Top 5 Defensive Player (by DPS) thrice (’18, ’20, ’21), Top 10 six times (’19, ’22, ’23)
  • Scored 15 goals four times (only D to do so when he left the NHL), 10 goals five times (only D to do so when he left the NHL)
  • Top 10 in Goals four times
  • Top 10 in GPG once
  • Set the single season assist record in the first NHL season (along with 3 other players) but then he re-set the record, which lasted until the 1926-27 season
  • Led the league in Assists twice, Top 5 thrice
  • Set the single-season record for APG, which held up until 1929-30, at which point the NHL was counting the secondary assist at least some of the time
  • Led the league in APG once, Top 5 twice, Top 10 thrice
  • Top 5 in Points once, Top 10 thrice
  • Top 5 in PPG once, Top 10 thrice.

Great Teams (Cameron played most of his career when the Stanley Cup was a “challenge cup”)

  • Best Skater? (led the NHL playoffs in assists, setting the record in 1918) on two Stanley Cup Champions (’18 Arenas, ’22 St. Patricks), Best Skater? (by points) on one NHL Runner Up (’19 Senators), Unknown Role (because his team didn’t score any goals) on one NHL Runner Up (’21 St. Patricks)
  • Top 4? Defenceman (by points) on one National Hockey Association Stanley Cup Champion (’14 Blueshirts)

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