Does Sergei Gonchar Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

We doubt Sergei Gonchar is a name many would have considered for induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame. But he had a rather great career despite his lack of accodalades. In our latest episode, we debate whether or not he deserves to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Listen here:

Here are Gonchar’s stats:


  • NHL: 1994-2015; 20 seasons, 18 quality
  • 220G (16th D All Time), 591A (17th D, 5th USSR) for 811P (16th D), +33 in 1301 games; 23:40 ATOI (since 1998-99); 141.9 PS (14th D, 2nd USSR)
  • Gonchar is 2nd All Time among USSR-born players in Defensive Point Shares
  • Gonchar is 17th All Time in GPG and 24th in PPG among defensemen
  • In his draft class (1992), Gonchar, drafted 14th overall, is
    • 5th in Goals
    • 1st in Assists and Points
    • But 2nd in Games Played
  • Era: Of the 11 players to play in at least 1250 games between 1994 and 2015, Gonchar is
    • 10th in Goals and GPG
    • 5th in Assists and APG
    • 8th in Points and PPG
    • 6th in Plus/Minus and OPS
    • 2nd in DPS
    • 4th in PS
  • 82-game average: 14G, 37A for 51P, +2
  • 3-year peak (2000-03): 82-game average of 22G, 42A for 62P, +8; 24:40 ATOI; 11.4 PS
  • Possession (since 2007-08):
    • 50% Corsi For
    • -0.9% Relative Corsi For
    • 49.6% Fenwick For
    • -1.5% Relative Fenwick For
  • Playoffs: 22G, 68A for 90P, +3 in 141 games
  • Adjusted: 244G, 652A for 896P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 15G, 41A for 56P
  • Gonchar is not in the Top 25 in Adjusted PPG
  • Traded once in his prime and once after.


  • Top 5 in Norris Voting four times
  • Top 5 Defensive Player (by DPS) once (‘96)
  • Scored 25 goals once (1 of only 24 D ever), 20 goals twice, 15 goals six times (1 of only 21 D)
  • Tallied 50 assists twice, 40 assists five times
  • Scored 60 points three times, 50 points nine times (1 of only 13 D)
  • Top 10 in APG once
  • Top 10 in Plus/Minus once
  • 2nd Team All Star twice
  • 4 All Star game appearances.

Great Teams

  • Best D on one Champion (‘09 Penguins) and one Runner Up (‘08 Penguins), Best D (by points) on one Runner up (‘98 Capitals)
  • Best D? (by points) on one Olympic Runner Up (‘98 Russia), Unknown role (didn’t score but played) on one Olympic Bronze (‘02 Russia)
  • Best D? (by points, but really guessing) on one World Championship Bronze (‘07 Russia), Role Player? (by points and games) on one World Championship Runner Up (‘10 Russia)

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