Does Doug Weight Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

by Dan4th Nicholas / Wikimedia / CC BY 2.0

Until very recently, Doug Weight was one of the Top 5 American passers in the history of the NHL, and he did so while playing his prime in the Dead Puck (Clutch and Grab) era, at one point scoring over 100 points in a season.

We both fondly remember Weight from those classic Oilers-Stars series of the late ’90s and early ’00s. But does he really deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame?

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Weight’s stats:


  • NHL: 1991-2011; 19 seasons, 15 quality
  • 278G, 755A (5th American All Time) for 1033P, -58 in 1238 games;19:01 ATOI (since 1998-99); 89.9 PS
  • Draft: In his draft class (1990), Weight, drafted 34th overall, is
    • 8th in Goals
    • 2nd in Assists
    • 3rd in Points
    • 5th last in Plus/Minus
    • 4th in Games
  • Era: Of the 83 players to play in at least 1,000 games between 1991 and 2011, Weight is
    • 38th in Goals
    • 46th in GPG
    • 5th in Assists
    • 4th in APG
    • 13th in Points
    • 16th in PPG
    • 73rd in Plus/Minus
    • 25th in Offensive Point Shares
    • 35th in Point Shares
  • 82-game average: 18G, 50A for 68P, -4
  • 3-year peak (1995-98): 82-game average of 24G, 62A for 87P, -6
  • Possession (since 2007-08):
    • 46.8% Corsi For
    • -2.4% Relative Corsi For
    • 46.8% Fenwick For
    • -3% Relative Fenwick For
  • Playoffs: 23G, 49A for 72P, -13 in 97 games
  • Adjusted: 20G, 53A for 73P
  • Weight is not in the Top 25 of any adjusted PG category, as you would expect
  • Traded once in his prime, once before his prime, and twice after:
    • Traded at 22 for a veteran Esa Tikkanen (28) at the trade deadline
    • Traded at 30 for Marty Reasoner (24), Jochen Hecht (24) and at Jan Horacek at the start of free agency
    • Traded at 35 with Erkki Rajamaki for Jesse Boulerice (27), Mike Zigomanis (25), Magnus Kahnberg, a 1st rounder (Matthew Corrente) and two 4th rounders (Cade Fairchild and Reto Berra)
    • Traded at 36 (almost 37) with Michal Berner and a 7th rounder for Andy McDonald (29)


  • Clancy (‘11)
  • Scored 25 goals three times, 20 goals six times
  • Tallied 70 assists once, 60 assists three times, 50 assists seven times, 40 assists ten times
  • Scored 100 points once, 90 points twice, 80 points three times, 70 points six times, 60 points eight times, 50 points ten times
  • Top 5 in Assists three times, Top 10 six times
  • Top 5 in APG once, Top 10 seven times
  • Top 10 in Points once
  • 4 All Star Game appearances.

Great Teams:

  • NHL:
    • Top 9 Forward on one Champion (‘06 Hurricanes)
  • Olympics:
    • Top 6? Forward (by points) on one Olympic Runner up (‘02 USA)
  • World Cup:
    • Top 3 Forward (by points) on one World Cup Champion (‘96 USA)

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