Does Ty Arbour Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Ty Arbour might be the All Time leader in Games Played for the WCHL. Does that mean he belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

We discuss his case in our latest episode:


  • NHL:
    • 1926-31; 5 seasons, 0 quality by modern standards of PPG
    • 28G, 28A for 56P in 207 games
    • Era: Of the 7 players over 30 who played in at least 176 games (4 full seasons) between 1926 and 1931, Arbour is
      • 2nd in Goals (though nearly 100 behind the leader)
      • 2nd in GPG (¼ the leader)
      • 2nd in Assists (though half of the leader)
      • 2nd in APg (½ the leader)
      • 2nd in Points (though nearly 130 behind the leader)
      • 2nd in PPG (⅓ the leader)
      • 5th (3rd last) in Offensive Point Shares
      • 6th (2nd last) in Point Shares
    • 44-game average: 6G, 6A for 12P
    • 3-year peak is basically the same
    • Playoffs: 2G and 0A for 2P in 11 games
    • Adjusted: 52G (+24), 147A (+119) for 199P (+143)
    • Adjusted 82-game average: 21G, 47A for 79P
    • Adjusted stats are skewed like all those who played in the 1920s
    • Trades:
      • Traded into the NHL at 30 for cash as part of the collapse of the W(C)HL
      • Traded at 31 as Future Considerations to complete another traded
      • Traded out of the NHL at 35 for cash.
  • WCHL:
    • 1921-26; 5 seasons, all quality
    • 82G (as high as 6th All Time), 32A (as high as 8th) for 114P (as high as 7th) in 140 games (1st??? All Time)
    • Arbour is possibly 11th All Time in GPG, and 14th in APG and PPG
    • 30-game average: 18G, 7A for 24P
    • 3-year peak too hard to calculate
    • Playoffs: 0G, 1A for 1P in 4 games
  • MHA (Amateur):
    • 1920-21; 1 quality season
    • 11G, 4A for 15P in 12 games


  • NHL:
    • Top 10 in Assists once
  • WCHL:
    • Top 5 in Goals once, Top 10 twice
    • Top 5 in GPG once, Top 10 twice
    • Top 10 in Assists possibly twice
    • Top 10 in APG at least twice
    • Top 5 in Points once, Top 10 twice
    • Top 5 in PPG once, Top 10 twice
    • Scored 25 goals once

Great Teams:

  • NHL:
    • Top 3 Forward (by points) on one Final Four (‘30 Black Hawks)
    • Top 9 Forward on one Runner Up (‘31 Black Hawks)
  • WCHL:
    • Top 3 Forward??? (scored one of the few points in the WCHL playoffs but didn’t score in the Cup final) on one WCHL Champion Stanley Cup Runner Up (‘23 Eskimos)
    • Didn’t score [so can’t figure out role] on one WCHL Runner Up (‘22 Eskimos)
  • Allan Cup:
    • Best Player on one Allan Cup runner up (‘21 Wheat Cities)
    • Unknown role on a team that may have challenged for the Allan Cup (‘19 Columbus Club)

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