Wilfred Shorty Green

Shorty Green is in the Hall of Fame for a very specific thing, for being one of the leaders of the first ever NHL players strike.

But he’s in the Hall as a player, so how does his career stack up?

In this episode we discuss his actual hockey career. (And, to be clear, we strongly believe he belongs in the Hall of Fame for what he did off the ice.)

Shorty Green’s stats:


  • NHL:
    • 1923-27; 4 seasons, 2 quality by modern standards
    • 34G, 22A for 56P in 103 games
    • Era: Of the 33 players to play in at least 88 games (2 full seasons in 1927) between 1923 and 1927, Green is
      • 15th in Goals
      • 14th in GPG
      • 17th in Assists
      • 10th in APG
      • 17th in Points
      • 15th in PPG
      • 19th in Offensive Point Shares
      • 27th in Point Shares
    • 48-game average: 16G, 10A for 26P
    • 3-year peak (1923-26): 30-game average of 12G, 8A for 20P
    • No NHL playoff games because of the players strike
    • Adjusted: 58G (+24), 122A (+100) for 180P (+124)
    • Adjusted 82-game average: 46G, 97A for 143P
    • Green didn’t play in the NHL long enough to worry about him being on any adjusted leaderboards (and besides everyone from this time is on them because the stats are skewed)
    • Transferred with the rest of his team when the Hamilton franchise became the Americans.
  • NOHA (amateur):
    • 1919-23; 4 seasons, all quality we assume
    • 35G, 11A for 46P in 26 games
    • Playoffs: 13G, 5A for 18P in 8 games
  • OHA (amateur):
    • 1916-19; 2 seasons (fought in WWI), both quality
    • 29G, 3A for 32P in 16 games
    • Playoffs: 5G, 3A for 8P in 4 games


  • NHL: 
    • Top 10 Offensive Player (by OPS) once (‘25)
    • Top 10 in Goals once
    • Top 10 in GPG once
    • Top 5 in Assists once
    • Top 10 in Points once
    • Top 10 in PPG once
  • NOHA:
    • Scored 20 goals once
  • OHA: No idea

Great Teams:

  • Allan Cup:
    • Top 3 Forward? (by points) on one Allan Cup Champion (‘19 Tigers)
    • Also possibly the best player on an Allan Cup challenger in 1915 but I cannot confirm this

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