Does Vaclav Nedomansky Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Vaclav Nedomansky was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2019. Perhaps you’re wondering why. We know we were.

In this episode, we look at his case for induction and try to come up with an explanation as to why he is in and numerous other WHA and European stars are not.

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  • NHL:
    • 1977-83; 6 seasons, 4 quality
    • 121G, 156A for 277P, -92 in 420 games; 17.4 PS
    • Not Drafted
    • Era: Of the 4 players 30 and older to play in at least 400 games (5 full seasons) between 1977 and 1983, Nedomansky is
      • 1st in Goals
      • 1st in GPG
      • 3rd (2nd last) in Assists
      • 3rd (2nd last) in APG
      • 3rd (2nd last) in Points
      • 3rd (2nd last) in PPG
      • Last in Plus/Minus
      • 1st in Offensive Point Shares
      • 3rd (2nd last) in Point Shares
    • 80-game average: 23G, 30A for 53P, -18
    • 3-year peak (1977-80): 80 game average of 29G, 32A for 61P, -13
    • No possession stats obviously
    • Playoffs: 3G, 5A for 8P, -5 in 7 games
    • Adjusted: 101G (-20), 126A (-30) for 227P (-50)
    • Adjusted 82-game average: 20G, 25A for 44P
    • Trades:
      • Traded into the NHL at 33 with Tim Sheehy (28) for Steve Durbano (25) and Dave Hanson (23)
      • Waived at 38
      • Traded at nearly 39 with Glen Hanlon (25) for Andre Dore (24)
  • WHA:
    • 1974-77; 4 seasons, 3 quality (traded mid-season out of the league)
    • 135G, 118A for 253P, -17 in 252 games
    • Nedomansky is 13th All Time in GPG and 22nd All Time in PPG
    • 80-game average: 43G, 38A for 80P, -5
    • 3-year peak: Nedomansky was traded 12 games into his 4th season in the WHA
    • Playoffs: 3G, 1A for 4P in 6 games
  • TCH (Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League)
    • 1962-74; 12 seasons, all quality? [Stats missing for first season and he may have played partially as a defenseman]
    • 354G, 180A for 534P in 388 games
    • [We were unable to find where he ranks all time in the history of this particular league]
    • 44-game average: 40G, 20A for 61P
    • 3-year peak is too hard to figure out
    • Playoffs: 16G, 13A for 29P in 26 games


  • NHL:
    • Scored 35 goals twice
    • Scored 70 points twice
  • WHA:
    • Top 5 in Goals once
    • Top 5 in GPG once
    • WHA Lady Byng once
  • TCH [Best guesses based on very incomplete stats]:
    • Led the league in Goals seven times, Top 5 nine times
    • Led the league in Points seven times, Top 5 nine times
    • Per Game leaderboards too hard to figure out

Great Teams:

  • Olympics:
    • Best Player (by points) on one Olympic Bronze (‘72 Czechoslovakia)
    • Top 3 Forward (by points) on one Olympic Runner Up (‘68 Czechoslovakia)
  • World Championships:
    • Tournament All Star (award) on one World Championship Runner Up (‘74 Czechoslovakia) and two Bronzes (‘69, ‘70 Czechoslovakia)
    • Best Player (by points) on one World Championship Runner Up (‘71 Czechoslovakia) and one Bronze (‘73 Czechoslovakia)
    • Top 3??? Forward (by points) on two World Championship Runners Up (‘65, ‘66 Czechoslovakia)

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