Does Vaclav Nedomansky Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Vaclav Nedomansky was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2019. Perhaps you’re wondering why. We know we were.

In this episode, we look at his case for induction and try to come up with an explanation as to why he is in and numerous other WHA and European stars are not.

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Does Ulf Nilsson Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

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By some metrics, Ulf Nilsson was the Greatest Player, or at least Greatest Forward, in WHA history. (APG and PPG, specifically.) But when he moved to the NHL he saw his numbers plummet and his career fall apart due to injuries.

In this episode we discuss whether or not Ulf Nilsson did enough in the WHA for us to say he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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Bobby Hull


  • NHL: 1957-72, 1979-80; 16 seasons, 15 quality
  • 610G (17th All Time), 560A for 1170P, +105[1. Since 1967-68] in 1063 games, 135.7 PS
  • When he departed for the WHA, Hull was 2nd All Time in Goals,[2. Hull is now 17th in Goals] 9th in Assists, 4th in Points, 25th in Games, 17th in Plus Minus, 3rd in Offensive Point Shares[3. How is now 22nd All Time in OPS
  • Hull was 1st in GPG and PPG[4. Hull is now 9th All Time in GPG] and 7th in APG when he decamped to the WHA[5. If the qualifier is set to 750 games, 65 qualifying players]
  • Era: Hull is 1st in Goals,[6. Hull is ahead by 141 goals] GPG,[7. Hull is ahead by .13 GPG] Points, PPG,[8. Hull is ahead by .16 PPG]
    OPS[9. Hull is ahead by 30.5 Offensive Point Shares] and PS,[10. Hull is ahead by 30.8 Point Shares] 4th in Assists and APG, and 3rd in Games[11. Of the 8 players to play in at least 1,000 games between 1957 and 1972]
  • 82-game average: 47G, 43A for 90P
  • 3-year peak (1963-66): 70-game average of 49G, 42A for 91P
  • Playoffs: 62G, 67A for 129P in 119 games[12. Hull held the career lead in playoff PPG in 1971]
  • Adjusted: 644G (11th All Time), 595A for 1219A
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 50G, 45A for 94P
  • Left the NHL,[13. Hull left the NHL for the richest contract in hockey history] not protected twice during the NHL expansion draft at the end of his career, traded halfway through his final season.
  • WHA:
    • 1972-79; 7 seasons, 5 quality
    • 303G (2nd All Time), 335A (6th) for 638P (3rd) in 411 games
    • Hull is 3rd All Time in GPG, 4th in APG and 1st in PPG
    • 82-game average: 61G, 67A for 127P
    • 3-year peak (1974-77): 81-game average of 61G, 72A for 133P, +56
    • Playoffs: 43G, 37A for 80P in 60 games.

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Gordie Howe


  • NHL: 1946-71; 1979-80; 26 seasons, 25 quality
  • 801G (2nd All Time[1. Howe was the career leader in goals from 1963-64 until 1993-94]), 1049A (9th[2. Howe was the career leader in assists from 1957-58 until 1987-88]) for 1850P (4th[3. Howe was the career leader in points from 1959-60 until 1989-90]), +87[4. Since 1967-68] in 1767 games (1st); 217.1 PS (1st at his retirement[5. Howe is now 3rd All Time])
  • At his initial retirement,[6. In 1971] Howe was 6th All Time in GPG, and 5th in APG and PPG[7. Howe was the career leader in PPG from 1953-54 until 1958-59][8. Minimum 500 games -if the qualifier is raised to 750 games, Howe was 3rd in GPG, APG and 4th in PPG All time]
  • At his initial retirement, Howe was 1st All Time in Offensive Point Shares[9. Howe is now 2nd]
  • Era: It does not make sense to talk about how Howe compares to his era because he played longer than anyone else and scored more than everyone else
  • 82-game average: 37G, 48A for 86P
  • 3-year peak (1950-53): 70-game average of 46G, 43A for 89P
  • Playoffs: 68G (17th All Time), 92A[10. Howe was the career leader in playoff assists from 1957 until 1971] for 160P (20th[12. Howe was the career leader in playoff points from 1964 until 1971]) in 157 games
  • Adjusted: 925G (1st All Time), 1265A (2nd) for 2190P (2nd)
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 43G, 59A for 102P
  • If the qualifier is set to 750 games, Howe is 7th All Time in Adjusted PPG[13. If the qualifier raised to 1,000 games, Howe is 3rd All Time]
  • How has the 5th highest Dominance Quotient ever
  • Never traded.

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Wayne Gretzky


  • NHL: 1979-99; 20 seasons, all quality
  • WHA: 1978-79, 1 quality season
  • 894G (1st All Time[1. Gretzky is ahead by 93 goals]), 1963A (1st[2. Gretzky is ahead by over 700 assists]) for 2857P (1st[3. Gretzky is head by nearly 1000 points]), +518 (4th) in 1487 games (18th); 251 PS (1st), 21:04 ATOI[4. Minutes were tracked for only the final season of Gretzky’s career]
  • Gretzky is 7th All Time in GPG,[5. Gretzky held the career record for GPG from the 1982-83 season till the 1989-90 season] and 1st in APG[6. Gretzky is ahead of Lemieux by nearly .2 assists per game] and PPG[7. Among all qualifying players]
  • Gretzky is the career leader in Offensive Point Shares
  • Era: Come on…it’s Gretzky, we don’t need to know how he compares to his era
  • 82-game average: 50G, 108A for 145P, +29
  • 3-year peak (1983-86): 82-game average of 75G, 145A for 220P
  • Playoffs: 122G (1st All Time), 260A (1st[8. Gretzky is ahead by nearly 80 assists]) for 382P (1st[9. Gretzky is ahead by nearly 100 points]) in 208 games (16th)
  • Gretzky is 6th All time in playoff GPG and 1st in APG[10. Gretzky is ahead by over .3 APG]) and PPG[11. Gretzky is ahead by over .2 PPG])
  • He also held the career playoff GPG record from 1987 until 1991
  • Adjusted: 758G (3rd All Time), 1717A (1st) for 2475P (1st)
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 42G, 95A for 136P
  • If the qualifier is set to 500 games, Gretzky is 2nd All Time in Adjusted PPG[12. If the qualifier is set to 1,000 games, Gretzky is 1st All Time by nearly .25 PPG]
  • Gretzky has the highest Dominance Quotient ever[13. Nearly 2.5 times better than the next person on the list, Mario Lemieux]
  • Traded once in his prime and once near the end of his career.

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