Charles Babe Siebert


  • NHL: 1925-39; 14 seasons, 4 quality as a forward,[1. By modern PPG standards] all 6 seasons quality as defence[2. By Defensive Point Shares]
  • 140G, 156A (14th All Time at his retirement) for 296P (18th) in 592 games (6th); 47 PS (23rd)
  • At his retirement, Siebert was 14th All Time in GPG, 10th in APG and 12th in PPG[3. Minimum 500 games, 21 qualifying skaters]
  • Era: Siebert is 6th in Goals, GPG, Points and OPS, 5th in Assists, APG and PPG, 1st in DPS, 4th in PS and Games[4. Of the 7 skaters to play in at least 550 games between 1925 and 1939]
  • 82-game average: 20G, 21A for 41P
  • 3-year peak (1929-32, playing LW): 44-game average: 17G, 17A for 34P
  • Playoffs: 7G, 5A for 12P in 49 games
  • Adjusted: 248G, 503A for 753P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 34G, 70A for 104P
  • If the qualifier is set to 500 games, Siebert is 23rd All Time in Adjusted PPG
  • Traded thrice.


  • Hart (’37)
  • Top 5 in Hart voting a further time (’38)
  • Top 10 Offensive Player[5. By Offensive Point Shares] once (’32)
  • Top 10 in Goals twice
  • Top 10 in GPG once
  • Top 10 in Assists thrice
  • Top 10 in APG twice
  • Top 10 in Points once
  • Top 10 in PPG once
  • 1st Team All Star thrice.

Great Teams

  • Best D[6. By points] on one Final Four (’37 Canadiens), Top 6 Forward[7. By points] on one Champion (’26 Maroons), one Runner Up (’28 Maroons) and one Final Four (’32 Maroons),Top 4 D[8. By points] on one Final Four (’35 Bruins), Top 9 Forward[9. By points] on one Champion (’33 Rangers) and one Final Four (’30 Maroons)


Whether or not you think Siebert belongs in the Hall of Fame has a lot to do with whether or not you believe the Professional Hockey Writers Association voters can be trusted when they voted him the Hart in 1937 and when they nearly gave him another in 1938. Was he the best defenceman in the league? Was he even the best defenceman on his own team? I have no way of knowing, but the only metrics I have to judge (point shares), say “no.”

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