Does Pierre Turgeon Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Pierre Turgeon is our first truly eligible player that we’re considering. And he’s a bit of a litmus test, as he has the most points of any eligible (inactive for 3 years) player not in the Hall of Fame (as well as the most assists). If he belongs, others do to. But if he doesn’t, maybe he’s a good cut-off point for counting stats.

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His stats are below:


  • NHL: 1987-2007; 19 seasons, 18 quality
  • 515G, 812A for 1327P, +139 in 1294 games; 134.3 Point Shares; 16:04 ATOI (since 1998-99)
  • At his retirement, Turgeon was 16th in GPG, 21st in APG and 22nd in PPG of players who had played as long as he had [We cannot see what the Per Game Hockey Reference leader-boards were when he retired, so this will have to do]
  • In his draft year (1987), Turgeon is 3rd in Goals and Points, 2nd in Assists and 5th in Plus/Minus despite being 5th in Games Played [Really good draft]
  • Era: Of the 18 players to play in at least 1250 games between 1987 and 2007, Turgeon is
    • 5th in Goals, Plus/Minus, Offensive Point Shares and Point Shares
    • 6th in GPG
    • 4th in Assists and Points
    • 3rd in APG and PPG
  • 82-game average: 33G, 52A for 84P, +9
  • 3-year peak (1991-94): 82-game average of 48G, 66A for 114P, +7
  • Possession numbers were not tracked until the season after Turgeon retired
  • Playoffs: 35G, 62A for 97P, -6 in 109 Games
  • Adjusted: 517G, 798A for 1315P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 33G, 51A for 83P
  • Adjusted PPG:
    • If the qualifier is set to 1250 games played, Turgeon is 15th All time in Adjusted PPG
    • If the qualifier is dropped to 1,000 games, Turgeon is 22nd All Time in Adjusted PPG
    • If the qualifier is dropped to 750 games played, Turgeon drops out of the Top 25
  • Traded thrice in his prime.



  • Top 5 in Hart Voting once (‘93)
  • Byng (‘93)
  • Top 10 Offensive Player (by OPS) once (‘93)
  • Scored 55 goals once, 40 goals thrice, 35 goals five times, 30 goals nine times, 25 goals eleven times, 20 goals thirteen times
  • Tallied 70 assists once, 60 assists twice, 50 assists eight times, 40 assists eleven times
  • Scored 130 points once (1 of only 23 players), 100 points twice, 90 points five times, 80 points eight times, 70 points nine times, 60 points twelve times
  • Top 10 in Goals once
  • Top 10 in GPG twice
  • Top 10 in Assists thrice
  • Top 5 in APG twice
  • Top 5 in Points once, Top 10 twice
  • Top 5 in PPG twice, Top 10 five times
  • 5 All Star Game appearances.


Great Teams

  • Top 3 Forward on two Final fours (‘93 Islanders, ‘01 Blues)

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