Does Eric Lindros Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

How great was Eric Lindros really? Was he all hype or did he live up to some of it? Is the only thing keeping him from the GOAT conversation his concussion history? Listen to us talk about Lindros here:

Here are Lindros’ stats:


  • NHL: 1992-2000, 2001-2007; 13 seasons, 11 quality
  • 372G, 493A for 865P, +215 in 760 games; 101.6 PS; 19:47 ATOI (since 1998-99)
  • Lindros is 17th All Time in PPG
  • In his draft class (1991), Lindros, drafted 1st overall, is 25th in Games but 4th in Goals, 5th in Assists and Points and 2nd in Plus Minus
  • Era:
    • Of the hundreds of players to play in at least 450 games between 1992 and 2000, Lindros is 8th in Goals, 2nd in GPG and PPG, 17th in Assists, 6th in APG and Points, 3rd in OPS, 4th in PS, and 183rd in Games
    • Among the hundreds of players to play in at least 250 games between 2001 and 2007, Lindros is not in the Top 25 for any category
  • 82-game average: 40G, 53A for 93P, +23
  • 3-year peak (1994-97): 82-game average of 52G, 74A for 126P, +40
  • Playoffs: 24G, 33A for 57P in 53 games; 19:14 ATOI (since 1998-99)
  • Adjusted: 404G, 538A for 942P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 44G, 58A for 102P
  • If the qualifier is set to 750 games, Lindros is 6th All Time in Adjusted PPG
  • Traded once in his prime and infamously demanded a trade before he ever played a game.


  • Hart (’95), Ted Lindsay (’95)
  • Top 5 in Hart voting one other time (’96), Top 5 in Calder voting (’93)
  • Top 5 Player (by PS) once (’95), Top 10 thrice (’96, ’99)
  • Best Offensive Player (by OPS) once (’95), Top 5 thrice (’96, ’99), Top 10 five times (’94, ’02)
  • Scored 45 goals once, 40 goals four times, 35 goals five times, 30 goals seven times, 25 goals nine times
  • Tallied 60 assists once, 50 assists thrice, 40 assists six times
  • Scored 110 points once, 90 points thrice, 70 points eight times, 50 points ten times
  • Top 10 in Goals four times
  • Top 5 in GPG twice, Top 10 eight times
  • Top 5 in Assists, Top 10 thrice
  • Top 5 in APG twice, Top 10 six times
  • Led the league in Points once, Top 10 thrice
  • Led the league in PPG once, Top 5 six times, Top 10 eight times
  • Top 5 in Plus Minus once, Top 10 thrice
  • 1st Team All Star once, 1st Team All Rookie, 2nd Team All Star once
  • 6 All Star Game appearances
  • Non-NHL:
    • Best Forward (led the tournament in points) on one World Championship team that failed to medal

Great Teams

  • Best Player (led playoffs in points) on one Runner up (’97 Flyers), Best Player (by points) on one Final four (’95 Flyers)
  • Top 3 Forward (by points) on one Olympic Runner Up (’92 Canada), Role Player (by points) on one Champion (’02 Canada)
  • Top 6 Forward? (by points) on one Canada Cup (World Cup) Champion (’91 Canada), and one World Cup Runner Up (’96 Canada)
  • Best Player (by points) on one World Junior Champion (’91 Canada), Top 6 Forward (by points) on one World Junior Champion (’90 Canada).

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