Does Shane Doan even have a case for the Hall of Fame?

The idea of Shane Doan being in the Hockey Hall of Fame may strike you as absurd. It strikes one of us that way. The other of us tries to persuade us all that there is actually a case fr Shane Doan to be in the Hall of Fame.

So the first part of this episode is about whether or not Shane Doan even has a case to be in the Hall of Fame. We hope you enjoy it. You can listen here:

Doan’s stats:


  • NHL: 1995-2017; 21 seasons, 15 quality
  • 402G, 570A for 972P, -54 in 1540 games (15th All Time); 18:38 ATOI (since 1998-99); 96.3 PS
  • If the qualifier is set to 1500 games played (since 1967-68), Doan is last All Time in Plus/Minus; if the qualifier is lowered to 1250 games, he is tied for 6th last
  • Draft: In his draft class (1995), Doan, drafted 7th overall is
    • 2nd in Goals, Assists, Points and Games Played
  • Era: Only two players played in 1500 games between 1995 and 2011 so, of the 14 players to play in at least 1250 games between 1995 and 2017, Doan is:
    • 6th in Goals
    • 8th in GPG
    • 9th in Assists, APG, PPG and OPS
    • 7th in Points
    • 14th (last) in Plus/Minus
    • 10th in PS
  • 82-game average: 21G, 30A for 52P, -3
  • 3-year peak (2006-09): 82-game average of 30G, 42A for 72P, -2
  • Possession (since 2007-08):
    • 50.4% Corsi For
    • 2.1% Relative Corsi For
    • 49.9% Fenwick For
    • 2% Relative Fenwick For
  • Playoffs: 15G, 13A for 28P, -3 in 55 games
  • Adjusted: 455G, 622A for 1077P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 24G, 33A for 57P
  • Doan is not in the Top 25 in an Adjusted PG category, obviously
  • Never traded.


  • Clancy (‘10)
  • Scored 30 goals twice, 25 goals eight times, 20 goals thirteen times
  • Tallied 50 assists once, 40 assists four times
  • Scored 70 points twice, 60 points six times, 50 points eleven times
  • 2 All Star Game appearances
  • Three Stars:
    • Weekly 1st Star once, Weekly 2nd Star twice, Weekly 3rd Star once.

Great Teams:

  • Best Forward on one Final Four (‘12 Coyotes)
  • Top 9? Forward (by points) on one World Cup Champion (‘04 Canada)
  • Top 3? Forward (by points) on two World Champions (‘03, ‘07 Canada – Captain on the second), Top 6 or Top 9 Forward (by points) on two Runners Up (‘05, ‘09 Canada), Top 9 Forward (by points) and Captain on one Runner Up (‘08 Canada)
  • MVP of one Memorial Cup Champion (‘95 Blazers)

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