Thomas McCarthy


  • NHL: 1919-21; 2 seasons, 1 quality[1. By modern standards of PPG]
  • 22G (25th All Time when he left the NHL), 7A for 29P in 35 games; 1.9 PS
  • McCarthy was 17th All Time in GPG and PPG when he left the league[2. With the qualifier set to an absurdly low 35 games]
  • When he left the league, McCarthy was 24th All Time in Offensive Point Shares
  • McCarthy didn’t play enough games to project an 82-game average or to have a 3-year peak
  • No NHL Playoffs
  • Adjusted: 25G, 29A for 54P
  • Adjusted 82-game average:[3. This is a joke] 60G, 68A for 127P
  • Never traded within the NHL.


  • Top 5 in GPG once
  • Top 5 in PPG once

Great Teams

  • Role Player[4. By points] on one Allan Cup Champion (’19 Tigers)


It’s obvious McCarthy doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. I included him only for completeness sake, given that he was very good offensively for one season in the NHL.[5. Playing in half as many games as the rest of his team, he came in third in scoring, though he was playing with Joe Malone] In his other pro-seasons outside the NHL, he did not dominate and he actually moved to the US so he could play amateur hockey for a while before he found his way into the NHL. Not an illustrious career.

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