Does Bert Corbeau Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Bert Corbeau was, by some metrics, one of the best D of his era. In this episode, we discuss whether or not he should be inducted.

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Bert Corbeau’s Career

  • NHL: 1917-27; 10 seasons, 9 quality[1. By Defensive Point Shares]
  • Total:
    • 63G (22nd All Time at his retirement),
    • 49A (8th All Time) for
    • 112P (18th) in
    • 258 games (3rd);
    • 30 PS (8th)
  • At his retirement, Corbeau was 25th All Time in APG, minimum 82 games
  • At his retirement, Corbeau was 5th All Time in Defensive Point Shares
  • 82-game average: 20G, 16A for 35P; 9.5 PS
  • 3-year peak (1919-22): 24-game average of 9G, 5A for 14P; 3.5 PS
  • NHL Playoffs: 2G, 2A for 4P in 9 games
  • Adjusted: 92G, 257A for 349P
  • Adjusted 82-game average: 29G, 82A for 111P
  • Dominance Quotient: Never led a team
  • Traded twice in his prime, waived out of the NHL.

Bert Corbeau’s Accomplishments

  • Top Players:
    • Top 10 Player (by Point Shares]) once (’18)
    • Best Defensive Player (by DPS) once (’18),
    • Top 5 three times (’19, ’21),
    • Top 10 five times (’20, ’22)
  • Assists:
    • Top 5 in Assists once,
    • Top 10 twice

Bert Corbeau’s Great Teams

  • NHL:
    • Best D? (by points) one NHL Runner Up (’18 Canadiens),
    • hurt on one NHL Stanley Cup finalist (series cancelled due to Spanish Influenza) (’19 Canadiens)
  • NHA:
    • Best D? (by points) on one NHA Stanley Cup Runner Up (’17 Canadiens)

We need more information about Corbeau to make a definitive decision.

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