Howie Morenz


  • NHL: 1923-1937; 14 seasons, all quality
  • Totals:
    • 271G (2nd All Time at his career-ending injury),
    • 201A (2nd) for
    • 472P (1st) in
    • 550 games (4th);
    • 100.8 PS (2nd)
  • Morenz was the career leader in goals at the end of the 1933-34 season[1. However, Morenz relinquished the career lead during his final season]
  • Morenz became the career leader in points during the 1931-32 season[2. Morenz held the record until the 1938-39 season]
  • At his career-ending injury, Morenz was 13th All Time in GPG, 12th in APG and 9th in PPG, if the qualifier is set to 82 games[3. i.e. The qualifier is low enough to include a player like Newsy Lalonde. However, if the qualifier is raised to 300 games (slightly less than 7 seasons in the ’30s NHL), Morenz was 4th in GPG, 7th in APG and 3rd in PPG at his retirement. With modern qualifiers, Morenz is 25th All Time in GPG]
  • At his career-ending injury, Morenz was the career leader in Offensive Point Shares
  • Era: Morenz is 2nd in Goals, GPG, Assists, APG and PS, 1st in Points, PPG and OPS, and 4th in Games[4. 14 players played in at least 500 games between 1923 and 1937]
  • 82-game average: 40G, 30A for 71P
  • 3-year peak (1929-32): 44-game average of 31G, 20A for 51P
  • Playoffs: 13G, 9A for 22P in 39 games
  • Adjusted:
    • Hockey-Reference:
      • 501G, 728A for 1229P
      • Adjusted 82-game average: 75G, 109A for 183P
      • Morenz is 7th All Time in Adjusted PPG with an 82-game qualifier[5. If the qualifier is raised to 500 games, Morenz is 1st All Time]
    • VsX:
  • Never traded.
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